1.5°C Cities: the why, what and how of urban climate leadership

Ambitious action by cities is absolutely critical to respond to the climate emergency.

© Xurzon | istockphoto

The next few years are crucial for climate action; while climate neutrality by 2050 is the goal, it is critical that cities do everything possible to cut their emissions now to have a chance of meeting it. Every ton of carbon cut today makes it easier to cut two or more tomorrow.

To support cities to deliver the action which is so urgently needed, this policy briefs brings together a wealth of information to concisely explain why reaching the 1.5 goal is so important, what the problem is, and how we can solve it. It summarises and updates C40’s major research findings over the past five years in line with the 1.5°C goal, and lays out the targets set by cities already implementing 1.5°C-compatible climate action.


C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
| https://www.c40knowledgehub.org/s/article/1-5-C-Cities-the-why-what-and-how-of-urban-climate-leadership?language=en_US

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