Everything You Need to Know About the Fastest-Growing Source of Global Emissions: Transport

People and goods are on the move faster and farther than ever. Transport, in fact, eats up a significant portion of our carbon budget.

Transport emissions account for over 15% of global emissions and are expected to grow at a fast rate. Transitioning to zero-emission transport is a crucial step toward a livable future. Getting there requires a comprehensive suite of improvements, addressing clean fuels, vehicle efficiency, how we build cities, and how we move people and goods.

This article gives a very good overview on the size of the problem, the countries which are responsible for the most transport emissions, the energy sources transport relies on and finally strategies to significantly reduce emissions from transport.

Shiying Wang and Mengpin Ge | The CityFix
| https://thecityfix.com/blog/everything-need-know-fastest-growing-source-global-emissions-transport-shiying-wang-mengpin-ge/

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