Technology Can Do Much More than Optimize Cities

Alternative Operating Models for a Modern City - by Eddie Copeland published in Meeting of the Minds

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According to Dave Copeland, over the past 20 years, there have been exponential levels of innovation in the technology available to city authorities. Yet, there’s been relatively little innovation in the structures and processes to which those technologies have been applied.

Put simply, the default mode of most cities has been to use technology to optimize what they already do.

Alternatively he argues for a radical restructuring of public service delivery which can be assisted by modern technology, e.g. by enabling  groups of people to work alongside city services and by connecting  citizens to provide peer support to each other.


Eddie Copeland | Meeting of the Minds
| https://meetingoftheminds.org/technology-can-do-much-more-than-optimize-cities-30647

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