From Waste to Resource – Planning Integrated Solid Waste Management Solutions

Connective Cities Practitioners' Workshop in Amman, Jordan


In the context of the BMZ “Local Government Expertise for the Middle East” Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Connective Cities organised the 2nd international project workshop with Jordanian and German municipalities and waste management public utility companies.

In the course of the dialogue event, participants from municipalities in Jordan (Deir Allah, Irbid, Jerash, Karak, Madaba, Mafraq, Ramtha and Wasattyah) and German experts from Castrop-Rauxel, Eschweiler, Hamburg and Jena informed each other about examples of good practice in integrated waste management. The cornerstones of a local strategy were discussed along the lines of a municipal waste management plan.


Planning Integrated Solid Waste Management Solutions in Jordanian Municipalities
14 – 16 November 2016, Amman / Jordan

English Version / Arabic Version




Capacities and Resources

Lukas Schaefer, Stadtreinigung Hamburg/ Hamburg, Germany
Establishing municipal solid waste management plans / Arabic Version

Prevention and Reduction of Waste

Hanna Fenner, EUV Stadtbetrieb Castrop-Rauxel / Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
Informing and implicating the population in solid waste management / Arabic Version

Waste Collection

Martina Hicke, kommunal service jena (ksj) / Jena, Germany
Separated waste collection systems / Arabic Version

Reuse and Recycling

Hermann-Josef Ostlender, AWA Entsorgung GmbH / Eschweiler, Germany 
Operation of composting plants and marketing of compost / Arabic Version


The peer-to-peer consultation process was oriented on the concrete challenges facing the Jordanian cities. They developed concrete project ideas ranging from waste separation through recycling of valuable substances and composting and raising awareness on the part of the population to cooperation with the private sector.

One of the ways of putting the project ideas into concrete terms and implementing them will be via possible knowledge partnerships in the context of the BMZ “Municipal Knowhow for the Middle East Initiative” ( In addition to the development of a multilateral learning and development network for sustainable urban development, in particular regarding the provision of public services, the pool of experts on municipal consultation through Connective Cities will be involved.

The workshop was run in cooperation with the bilateral development programme “Support of Jordan Communities in Solid Waste Management in dealing with the Syrian refugees crises” (ADHOC), which works together closely with the Jordanian municipalities involved in the scheme.




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