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06.12.2017 to 06.12.2017 // Online - Webinar

Connective Cities Webinar: Ban on the Use, Production and Sale of Plastic Bags

The 6th Connective Cities Webinar on SWM in 2017 held on Wednesday 6th of December

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The 6th Connective Cities Webinar on Solid Waste Management in 2017 concerns the topic Ban on the Use, Production and Sale of Plastic Bags and takes place on Wednesday, 6th December 2017. The webinar will focus on the ban on plastic bags introduced in Kenya as well as in many other countries in Africa and the world. The discussion will explore the issues resulting from plastic bags; the enforcement, the challenges and the benefits of the ban as well as its’ effects on different economies.

We are glad to have Ms. Patricia Akinyi K'Omudho and Mr. David Makori from the Nairobi County Government (Kenya) and Mr. Rangira Bruno, the Acting Advisor to the Mayor of Kigali (Rwanda) presenting at the webinar.

Rwanda is known to have the cleanest streets among the African countries due to banning plastic bags. Recently, a plastic ban law came into effect in Kenya, which is the toughest yet concerning penalties. Over 40 countries worldwide have banned, partly banned, or put a tax on single-use plastic bags. Primarily targeting manufacturers and suppliers, these measures have a lasting effect on businesses, jobs and daily lives of people.

This webinar will discuss the following matters regarding ban of plastic bags:

  • reasons for banning plastic bags;
  • different kinds of restrictions on plastic bags;
  • implementation in different countries;
  • benefits and challenges;
  • effects on economy and job creation;
  • alternatives to plastic bags and products.

Participation at the Webinar

Technical preparation (one day before): Please make sure you have the updated Java version installed (download and install from www.java.com if you do not have it already) and make a system check. Please find some technical instructions under the following link (PDF, 128 KB).

Contact: tutor.connectivecities(at)gmail.com / eva.prediger(at)giz.de

Topic: Ban on the Use, Production and Sale of Plastic Bags

Presenters: Patricia Akinyi K'Omudho and David Makori (Nairobi City County Government, Kenya), Rangira Bruno (City of Kigali, Rwanda)

Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Time: 07:30 (UTC), which is 8:30 (Germany), 9:30 (Rwanda), 10:30 (Kenya)

Language: English

Fee: none

Access: Please follow the link for the webinar Ban of Plastic Bags (opens 30 minutes prior to the webinar)



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