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12.11.2019 to 12.11.2019 // Germany - Bonn-Röttgen

It's the cities that matter

for local sustainable development and climate protection

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    • How does increasing urban change affect people's lives around the world, and what forecasts are derived from these observations?
    • What opportunities do city citizens and local governments have to make their places of residence more sustainable?
    • Where do public funds go, for example to adapt cities to climate change? What role does the GIZ play in this?
    • What expertise is needed when it comes to planning and designing cities of the future and sustainable urban spaces?


    Lennard Kehl: Integrated implementation of Agenda 2030 in cities and urban regions, GIZ

    Andrej Frizler: C40 Cities Finance Facility, GIZ

    Fatina Toukan: Connective Cities, GIZ

    Michael Schneider: Akademy for International Cooperation of GIZ

    Conference language is German.

    Date: 12. November 2019, Time: 19:00 to 21:00

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