Improving the Urban Physical Framework Plan of Cebu Metropolitan Region

Towards Transit-Oriented Development

Local project workshop in Cebu, Philippines on March 13-15, 2017

In cooperation with the Regional Office of the National Development Agency NEDA and the Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board (MCDCB), Connective Cities hosted a local project workshop on "Improving the Urban Physical Framework of the Cebu Metropolitan Region to Transit-Oriented Development" in the Philippines. The workshop was tailored to the objective of networking between metropolitan urban development and the improvement of the public transport system. It brought together representatives of the local authorities based in the Metropolitan Region of Cebu as well as civil society and business organizations. From Germany, urban development and transport experts from the cities of Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart were involved.

In a collegial consultation approach, good practices from German cities were presented and recommendations and proposals for action to link urban development and transport planning measures were formulated. The proposals for action in Cebu Metro in particular are directed at short-term measures which can be implemented with own resources. Action packages address the areas of urban development and consolidation, transport networks and infrastructure, socially responsive promotion of public transport as well as institutional reforms and the enforcement of legislation. The large number of small-scale measures requires the involvement of different actors, especially from the private sector and civil society, in the transformation processes.

Agenda & Presentations


Improving the Urban Physical Framework Plan of Cebu Metropolitan Region towards Transit-Oriented Development
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[pdf, / 14 Seiten, 2,45 mb]

Workshop Introduction - Opening Discussion: TOD Principles and Strategies
Wicaksono Sarosa
[pdf, / 11 Seiten, 3,2 mb]


Understanding the Challenges in Metro Cebu: The Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board Experience
Ms. Evelyn Nacario-Castro
[pdf, / 27 Seiten, 5,64 mb]

„COMPACT-DENSE-MIXED“ - Best Practice example of Stuttgart
Ulrich Dilger
[pdf, / 12 Seiten, 2,4 mb]

Qualified Inner City Development - Combined with Tram-Expansion
Transit Oriented Development in Munich, Germany
Gerhard Gross
[pdf, / 13 Seiten, 5,21 mb]

Mobility Stations as support of intermodal transport connections
Jan Rickmeyer, City of Leipzig
[pdf, / 13 Seiten, 2,49 mb]

Hamburg public transport association
Hagen Seifert
[pdf, / 13 Seiten, 1,29 mb]


Local Project Planning Workshop
Improving the Urban Physical Framework Plan of Cebu Metropolitan Region towards Transit-Oriented Development
13 – 15 March 2017 in Harold’s Hotel, Cebu, Philippines
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Workshop impressions

photo credits - all photos: © Gerhard Gross

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