Good Practices on Good Urban Governance

Good Urban Governance

Heritage conservation as a main driver for urban development



Urban and cultural heritage can act ambiguously as a booster for economic revival as well as a social and...


Make it in Hamburg


How do I find a job in Hamburg? Which companies have English as their company language? And which documents are needed...


Standardised operational planning for crisis management


Improved coordination of operations, clearer definition of processes and networking of the actors involved – these are...


Fighting Ebola with dedication and courage


Despite a shortage of resources and a lack of experience with epidemics such as Ebola, Dr Jerry Brown of the ELWA II...


Andernach - The Eatable City


With its “Eatable City” project, Andernach is fetching nature back into town. Not only is this city on the Rhine...


Flood Protection


In Dortmund the fire brigade faced an unusual flood event in July 2008. A locally restricted but very heavy rainfall...