Good Practices on Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development

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The industrial wasteland around Bocholt's old spinning mills was almost exclusively used as a warehouse and was...


W├╝rzburg and Mwanza share a gift from the sky


Climate change affects all cities. Anyone who wants to do something about it must reduce CO2 emissions. This can be...


Right of Way for Green Commuters in Belo Horizonte


Reducing car traffic in a municipality can be an uphill battle, and no one could know better than a hilly city as Belo...


Networking to Save Energy


Five Southeast European capitals - Zagreb, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Skopje and Tirana - have joined hands with Freiburg im...


Low-Traffic City Centre' in Leipzig: When less leads to more



The heart of Leipzig, the city centre, was literally about to seize up. Clogged up by car traffic, in the 1990s things...


Heritage conservation as a main driver for urban development



Urban and cultural heritage can act ambiguously as a booster for economic revival as well as a social and...