Good Practices on Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development

SafetiPin Mapping Tool in Bogotá


The organization ALS SafetiPin created an application for smart cell phones that allows georeferencing factors that...


Revitalisierung eines Stahlstandortes


Den Herausforderungen des industriellen Strukturwandels begegnet die Stadt Dortmund im Ruhrgebiet mit aktiven...


Flächenrevitalisierung in São Paulo


Flächen in urbanen Zentren sind meistens rar. Eine Nutzung als Grünfläche oder öffentlicher Freizeitraum konkurriert mit...


Cycling Canal and Community Project in Bangkok - Bangmod Case


The project is based on 3C: Cycling – Canal – Community.
Known as a bicycle route project for the canal metropolis, it...


Inclusive violence and crime prevention (VCP)


People’s mobility and quality of life and their participation in public life and in sustainable development processes...


The Green Loop of Metro Cebu


Cebu is the second most urbanised and populous city in the Philippines. Rapid urbanisation has led to different urban...