good practices on digital solution in urban development

Digital solutions in urban development

India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX)


To build cities of the future, which provide good quality of life, improved economic robustness, and harmony with…


Digitalisation for efficient integrated risk management


Gütersloh is a city in North-Western Germany with a population of more than 100,000 people. It was essential for the…


Digitalisation for Social Good


Poznan is one of the largest urban centres in Poland and attracts a growing number of people and businesses every year.…


Innovation for the environment


As the case with the majority of municipalities in Lebanon, Bikfaya municipality lacked support from the central…


Digitalisation in Madaba Municipality, Jordan


In line with the efforts in Jordan to drive economic transformation and application of international quality standards,…


Bizerte – pioneering municipal energy efficiency in Tunisia


Bizerte municipality in Tunisia has set an ambitious vision to transition into a smart municipality by 2050.  The…