Leading Change

2018 - Delivering the New Urban Agenda through Urban and Territorial Planning

Cliff Hague | Christine Platt, Paul Taylor

Gender and Urban Transport: Smart and Affordable

2018 - Sustainable Transport: A Sourcebook for Policy-makers in Developing Cities

Mike Kunieda, Aimée Gauthier

Gender and Urban Climate Policy

2018 - Gender-Sensitive Policies Make a Difference

Gotelind Alber, GenderCC

Cycling Infrastructure in Cities

2018 - Bogotá’s Quinto Centenario Cycle Avenue

Aris Moro | Andrew Eil, Prajwal Baral

Public Transport Integration and Transit Alliances

2018 - SUTP Sourcebook Module 3f

Consumption based GHG emissions of C40 cities


New research by C40 Cities, the University of Leeds, University of New South Wales, and Arup.

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