The videos presented here provide a visual insight into the practical and thematic work of Connective Cities. Experts and practitioners worldwide describe their learning experience. These are supplemented by specific field visits to the corresponding urban locations.

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Connective Cities - Trailer

Trailer of the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE FOR SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT: about Connective Cities and the urban area development in the west of the city of Leipzig, Germany

Bremen, 06.2017

Sustainable urban mobility: strategies and pathways towards more efficient, inclusive and environmentally sustainable cities

Jordanian Delegation, 03.2017

Study Tour and Workshop in Germany for Jordanian municipalities


More Videos

Bocholt, 12.2016

Transforming Cities: From Industrial Centres to Sustainable Urban Areas

Bangkok, 09.2016

Sustainable Urban Mobility and Climate Change - Reducing Air Pollution by Climate-Friendly Means of Urban Transport

Rostock, 09.2016

Planning integrated solid waste management at the municipal level

Durban, 06.2016

Re-thinking urban upgrading – The urban NEXUS approach to promote green and inclusive settlements

You can find all our videos  on our Connective Cities Youtube-channel!