Project Support

From Ideas to Projects

Connective Cities provides support to project ideas developed in the framework of Dialogue Events through activities focused on project planning and development. These support activities are targeted to the needs of the municipality taking the lead on the further development of a specific project idea.

Based on these needs, Connective Cities identifies in cooperation with the municipality the appropriate format to support the further project planning and development. Such project support activity can take the form of: 

Local Project Workshops

A Local Project Workshop, which takes place in the municipality taking the lead on the project idea, and brings together all relevant stakeholders to address the needs, concerns and ideas around a specific urban development process  More


Training on the consolidation of project-specific expert or methodological skills is one of the possible interventions to support the further development of the change projects. . More

Study Tours

Connective Cities organises Study Tours in order to consolidate expert knowledge and knowhow with the aid of German practice examples and to further develop and concretise project ideas. More

Expert Assignments

In order to further concretise local solutions and project ideas, Connective Cities arranges and organises Expert Secondments. For this purpose, Connective Cities relies on its Pool of Experts in order to impart appropriate practical experience and expert knowhow. More