Improving the planning, steering and implementing of projects

Connective Cities offers training courses on specific expert topics and methods in the thematic fields of Good Urban Governance, Integrated Urban Development, Local Economic Development and Municipal Services, depending on demand. As a rule, the training courses support local urban change projects, and are part of a learning strategy comprising several elements, e.g. combined with webinars, virtual working groups and/or study tours. .

The training courses address the actors from the respective municipal administrations as well as civil society and private sector representatives who are involved in the planning and implementing of selected change projects, and they are designed for 8 to 25 participants. The aim of the courses is the consolidation of project-specific expert or methodological skills and knowledge to provide the participants with opportunities to improve the planning, steering and implementing of projects. The 2-4-day training courses are run locally in the target cities of the change projects.

With support of a trainer and /or moderator, and with consideration of existing practical examples, the corresponding concepts and framework conditions are mediated. The methodological approach offers practitioners to share experiences. In addition to interactive subject-related inputs, exercises and work in groups are envisaged.  Due to this practice-oriented approach, topics are not treated in isolation, but are elaborated with consideration of the respective context and other relevant aspects of a particular project. Through application of the exercises to the change project, the training itself already contributes to the project’s progression.