Strengthening skills – developing one’s own strategies

E-learning courses serve the purpose of consolidating knowledge and experience in a specific thematic field of urban development. For example, Connective Cities is preparing a course on intercommunal cooperation.

The aim of the courses is to strengthen skills of municipal practitioners, so that they could develop strategies on their own. 

The courses are organised in a modular concept. Participants can work their way through the course units step by step. Conceptual approaches, recommendations from experienced experts as well as German and international project examples promote practice-oriented learning. Through questions and practical exercises, the course content can be reflected on and practised. At the same time, guiding questions and work instructions accompany the development of an own strategy. Depending on the course, additional elements such as webinars and moderated virtual meetings can be arranged.

The courses are planned for a period of several weeks with a weekly load of several hours. The participants can arrange their weekly course schedules themselves. For any additional elements such as Webinars, a fixed time is required for all participants.