Virtual working groups

Peer-to-peer consulting and joint elaboration of project ideas

In moderated working groups, you have the opportunity to elaborate in a problem- and solution-oriented manner and, thus, make progress in the topics affecting your work as a municipal practitioner. In cooperation with colleagues from other cities, you can contribute to the development of specific solutions and concepts.

We set up virtual workrooms for you and, on request, can assist you with regard to technical and content-related aspects as well as through moderation.

Currently, there are three virtual working groups that have been set up in a follow-up of the dialogue events:

Peer-to-Peer consultations of municipal experts from Germany and Jordan

Integrated waste management (in Sub-Saharan Africa)

Sustainable urban mobility in Latin America

Sustainable urban mobility in Asia

In more precise terms, virtual rooms give participants the opportunity to continue their knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer consultations to jointly develop their projects after attending the dialogue event. Although participants greatly appreciate direct communication at the dialogue events, this possibility appears to be limited due to time and financial reasons. This way, virtual meetings held after the dialogue event enable further mutual support, e.g. through the provision of specialist knowledge via experts, discussions about current challenges and progress reports with regard to the project. Virtual work also encourages participants in solving problems and development of new ideas.

The virtual meeting room provides audio, video and chat functions, a whiteboard, facilities for presentations, sharing and processing documents and other interactive tools.

Connective Cities supports the communities from the project ideas up to concrete change processes in cities..