Citizen scientists measure air pollution in Nairobi


Air pollution in Kenya’s capital is on the rise, and there is no escape from it. In an effort to measure this, UN-Habitat’s Urban Pathways project partnered with the University of Nairobi’s Maker...

Grüne Gebäude – der schlafende Riese für den Klimaschutz


Moderne Gebäude tragen zum Umweltschutz bei. Ein Blick in die Ukraine und nach El Salvador zeigt wie.

Technology Can Do Much More than Optimize Cities


Alternative Operating Models for a Modern City - by Eddie Copeland published in Meeting of the Minds

A cyclist's guide to biking the city – a cartoon


Urban cycling is good for health, the wallet and the environment – but is still not without its risks - an illustration by Dave Walker published in the Guardian.

What makes a successful innovation district?


Get it right: the economy and living standards grow. Get it wrong: gentrification can push residents and entrepreneurs out - by Kirsty Tuxford published in CitiesToday

TUMI’s 5 principles to empower women in transport


The newly released poster of the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative illustrates women's needs in the public transportation sector.

This is how Singapore is inspiring cities to solve their traffic problems


London and Singapore are experimenting to tackle road congestions via special charging zones and times as well as "smart solutions" - World Economic Forum

City with a female face


How modern Vienna was shaped by women - by Elle Hunt published in the Guardian