4th Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation


Call for Submission: Deadline 31st August, 2018

UN Steps up Action to Make Urban Spaces More Climate-Resilient


UNFCC: The new urban agenda as an accelerator to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and support climate action.

Fifteen companies sign shared mobility principles


CitiesToday: Fifteen of the world’s leading transport and technology companies have signed the ​Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities​, pledging to prioritise people over vehicles, lower...

How 3 Cities Are Navigating the Transition to Electric Buses


As today’s urban areas house more than half the world’s population and produce more than 80 percent of global economic activity, cities are uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable solutions....

All WUFed out, but what comes next?


The stacks of business cards have grown high and the days have blurred together. The Ninth Session of the World Urban Forum has been closed today. The biennial event has cemented its status as the...

The city of Yangzhou rebuilds its past to ensure a bright future


Preserving cultural heritage while upgrading urban areas can be a challenging task for cities. The Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) supported the city of Yangzhou in designing its urban...

Why people dressed as zebras dance in the streets of La Paz


To be a zebra is to be a street clown with a social purpose. An article of Johnny Magdaleno, citiscope

Steigerung des Radverkehrs in der mazedonischen Hauptstadt


Connective Cities organisierte einen lokalen Projektworkshop, um gute Praktiken, Herausforderungen und Lösungen zu diesem Thema zu diskutieren.