The city of Yangzhou rebuilds its past to ensure a bright future


Preserving cultural heritage while upgrading urban areas can be a challenging task for cities. The Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) supported the city of Yangzhou in designing its urban...

Why people dressed as zebras dance in the streets of La Paz


To be a zebra is to be a street clown with a social purpose. An article of Johnny Magdaleno, citiscope

Steigerung des Radverkehrs in der mazedonischen Hauptstadt


Connective Cities organisierte einen lokalen Projektworkshop, um gute Praktiken, Herausforderungen und Lösungen zu diesem Thema zu diskutieren.

Billions announced for city climate financing


Three new finance initiatives and partnerships have been launched that will accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement in cities and local governments.

Ten steps toward autonomous urbanism


Here's a playbook for municipal leaders and citizens on the road to smart city technology.

In Cremona, ideas to make the ‘circular economy’ real for cities


Simone d'Antonio in citiscope about a European test ground for new ideas to promote a “circular economy”

Sondierungsreise in den Libanon


Eine Gelegenheit, um Fragen zu stellen nach geplanten Projekten, der Unterstützung des libanesischen Staates, der Transparenz der Gemeindepolitik, Zukunftsvisionen der Kommunalpolitiker und...

Smart Slums, Smarter Cities


"We have the ability to limit the impact of climate change by re-imagining the interaction between the city and its people."