Human Resources Capacity Benchmarking

2017 - A Preliminary Toolkit for Planning and Management in Africa

Cities Alliance

East Asia and Pacific Cities

2017 - Expanding Opportunities for the Urban Poor

World Bank Group

Africa’s new cities: The contested future of urbanisation

2017 - The complex landscape of new cities: Neoliberal urban restructuring

Urban Studies

Innerstädtische Emissionsminderung durch integrierte Mobilitätskonzepte

2017 - Connective Cities Taller de Proyectos

Connective Cities

BRICS Cities

2017 - Facts and analysis 2016

South African Cities Network

Smart City Charta

2017 - Digitale Transformation in den Kommunen nachhaltig gestalten

Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung (BBSR)

Towards a more equal city

2017 - Confronting the Urban Housing Crisis in the Global South: Adequate, Secure, and Affordable Housing

World Resources Institute