Sustainable Development Report 2019

2019 - Transformations to achieve the SDGs


The Future of Cities

2019 - Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward

Cities fit for Climate Change

2019 - The Sourcebook on Climate-Proof Urban Development

Dr Daphne Frank, Philipp Kühl, Amina Schild, Lea Kulick, Andrea Palma, Sudhakar Krishnan Sripathy, Zane Abdul

Mixed reality for public participation in urban and public space design

2019 - Towards a new way of crowdsourcing more inclusive smart cities

2019 SDG Indicators and Dashboards Report for European Cities

2019 - Prototype version

Guillaume Lafortune, Kees Zoeteman, Grayson Fuller, Rens Mulder, John Dagevos and Guido Schmidt-Traub