Connective Cities Study Tour and Project Workshop

2017 - Cooperation with Jordanian municipalities in waste management

Sophie Credo | Alice Balbo, Alexander Wagner, Silvia Boehmsdorff (editorial review)

Gender and Urban Transport

2017 - iNUA#3: Implementing the New Urban Agenda

Kristina Kebeck, Laura Mark

Explainer: How to finance urban infrastructure?


Michael Lindtfield | Renard Teipelke

Trends in Urban Resilience 2017

2017 - Urbanization is a political, social and environmental process that is not reached by chance but by choice and design.

Coordinators: Helene Fourniere, Esteban Leon & Dan Lewis.

Connective Cities Local Project Planning Workshop

2017 - Low Carbon Mobility Planning in Chiang Mai

Dr. Manfred Poppe | Nina Mitiaieva

Connective Cities Dialogue Event

2017 - Sustainable Urban Mobility: Strategies and Pathways towards More Efficient, Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Cities

Sabine Hammer | Alice Balbo (editorial review)

Autofreie Innenstadt Wuppertal Elberfeld

2017 - Ein Leitbild für die Verkehrswende im Stadtteil

Oscar Reutter