Publikationen - Integrierte Stadtentwicklung

Klimaschutz und Luftreinhaltung

2019 - Strategien und Maßnahmen für saubere Luft in Kommunen

Franziska Wittkötter

The Silent Revolution of Public Spaces in Afghanistan


Koussay Boulaich | Ahsan Saadat, Suhail Mayel

The Future of Cities

2019 - Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward

Cities fit for Climate Change

2019 - The Sourcebook on Climate-Proof Urban Development

Dr Daphne Frank, Philipp Kühl, Amina Schild, Lea Kulick, Andrea Palma, Sudhakar Krishnan Sripathy, Zane Abdul

Mixed reality for public participation in urban and public space design

2019 - Towards a new way of crowdsourcing more inclusive smart cities

Solutions for and by cities

2019 - Documentation of the 4th edition of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation

Gregory Scruggs