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Connective Cities Dialogue Event

Transforming Cities: From Industrial Centres to Sustainable Urban Areas


Dr. Griet Newiger-Addy


Connective Cities Dialogue Event

The dialogue event on “Transforming Cities: From Industrial Centres to Sustainable Urban Areas” hosted by the City of Bocholt allowed to share experience of this former centre of the coal and steel industry in Germany in industrial restructuring at both local and regional levels.

The City of Bocholt provided workshop rooms at the Textilwerk, a former textile factory turned into a museum. Representatives of the city presented an innovative approach to convert this abandoned industrial site into a cultural centre for the whole city, and organized an inspiring tour through the museum and adjacent buildings which have not yet been renovated.

The dialogue event was attended by about 30 urban practitioners from Colombia, Cuba, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, China, Brazil and Germany.

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