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Implementing the new Urban Agenda by strengthening Urban-Rural Linkages

2017 - Leave No One And No Space Behind


Remy Sietchiping (Supervision)


United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

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Contributors: Juan Luis Arango, Lukas Frucht, Grace Githiri, Jackson Kago, Marco Kamiya, Stephanie Loose, Younghoon Moon, Jane Reid, Andrew Rudd, Oumar Sylla, Runze Wang, Xing-Quan Zhang


Implementing the new Urban Agenda by strengthening Urban-Rural Linkages

This paper gives an overview on the 10 entry points to Urban-Rural Linkages and the necessary interventions, presents numerous case studies of successful strategies and actions taken by different actors from national level to local authorities. It shows opportunities and challenges for Urban-Rural Linkages.

It also presents different areas of expertise within UN-Habitat and introduces tools such as the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning, National Urban Policies and the Global Land Tool Network among others. In the last part of the paper, priority areas for intervention for UN-Habitat regarding the 10 defined entry points are proposed, among them are:

  1. Regional and Territorial Planning, 
  2. Rural Urbanization: Small and Intermediate Cities,
  3. Urban-Rural Partnerships
  4. Governance, Legislation and Capacity,
  5. Spatial Flows of Products, Services, Information & Expertise and
  6. Reducing Environmental Impacts in Urban Rural Convergences.

Working on Urban-Rural Linkages is an important aspect for implementing the New Urban Agenda and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The development gap between urban and rural needs to be bridge for the good of urban and rural population; the interdependence of rural and urban areas is strong and needs to be considered; there is an urgent need for rethinking and acknowledging the urban-rural continuum of space.

This paper and the entry points give an overview on the complexity of the topic. UN-Habitat is looking forward to working together with its partners in the respective fields in supporting Member States and all levels of government authorities in their efforts to strengthen Urban- Rural Linkages and “leaving no one and no space behind”.






United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

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