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GrEEEn Solutions for Livable Cities

2016 - Result of a 2-year innovative, exploratory, and reflective study of cities as unique urban spaces


Sonia Chand Sandhu


Asian Development Bank

Weitere Autoren:

Ramola Naik Singru, John Bachmann, Vaideeswaran Sankaran, Pierre Arnoux


GrEEEn Solutions for Livable Cities

Practical ways on how urban managers, development practitioners, businesses, and citizens can engage to make cities more livable by building on the city’s unique physical, social, cultural, economic and human resource assets.

The scale of urbanization in Asia today is unprecedented in urban history. Asia stands apart from other regions in terms of the absolute growth of the urban population as well as the number of densely populated megacities. Asia’s urban challenges are characterized by (i) increasing household consumption, (ii) rising demand for urban services, (iii) depletion of natural resources, (iv) increasing levels of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and (v) increasing vulnerability to natural hazards and risks from climate change. As a result, the quality of life for many residents in Asian cities is declining. The book addresses the urgent need to provide workable solutions for creating livable cities.







Asian Development Bank

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