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Role play about the circular economy: The case of waste management

2018 - Using a group dynamic to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 12


Aleksandra Zemke


United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)

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Team Learning UCLG


Role play about the circular economy: The case of waste management

"Circular Economy (CE) is a strategy that consists of establishing a continuous cycle of positive productive development, optimizing the use of resources and minimizing the risks inherent to the system. It does this by managing a finite quantity of renewable resources and flows. It also strengthens value chains and promotes local development.

Sustainable Development Goal 12 aims at responsible production and consumption, it also promotes the circular economy.

Integrated management and circular economy require from local governments to reflect different perspectives, to consider new solutions and to make pragmatic decisions in consolidation with the involved actors. In our municipalities there are many examples of circular economy, such as recycling campaigns, promotion of local consumption or the municipal purchasing policies.

The objective of the game is to understand the concept of the circular economy, the variables that influence decision-making relating to waste management, and the positioning and behaviour of different actors. It also seeks to improve their capacity to debate and look for joint solutions. The game makes a significant contribution to meeting SDGs and, in particular, goal 12: responsible production and consumption. The group dynamic allows the players to discuss and evaluate the impact of different solutions by playing with various possible scenarios."







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