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Human Resources Capacity Benchmarking

2017 - A Preliminary Toolkit for Planning and Management in Africa


Richard Slater


Cities Alliance


Human Resources Capacity Benchmarking

Cities and towns in Sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing a crisis in capacity that is insufficiently recognised and poorly understood. The Future Cities Africa Project has initiated work to understand the depth and breadth of this crisis. This work has analysed existing staff capacity in critical frontline services and key support functions in 16 cities of varying sizes across four countries.

This toolkit provides a novel intervention in understanding urban service delivery gaps. It takes staffing as a key driver and an entry point to achieving desired service-level standards and benchmarks.

The toolkit is designed as a handy practitioners’ guide to understanding staffing efficiency in urban local government in Africa.It provides insights into:

  1. Variations in urban local government features (population, area, finance, and service levels) for different categories of town.
  2. Variations in municipal staffing numbers and patterns across categories of towns.
  3. Staffing averages for each category.
  4. Adjusted averages based on (population, area, finance, and service levels as relevant).
  5. Variations as compared to the Model Benchmarks.
  6. Variations in pay scales across public and private sectors.
  7. Variations in staff qualifications.

While the current model has been designed for African cities, it is adaptable to other continents and expandable to other sectors of government – making it an important tool for decision makers.






Cities Alliance

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