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Financing Mechanisms for Municipal Sanitation Services

2018 - Ensuring Sustainable Local Service Provision and Infrastructure - Connective Cities Dialogue Event, 18 – 20 September 2017, Cologne, Germany


Sabine Hammer, Alexander Wagner


Connective Cities


Financing Mechanisms for Municipal Sanitation Services

The financial aspects of municipal sanitation services seem challenging at times, yet good practices are available and can be shared. This is why we provided a platform for practitioners’ and experts’ exchange with this Dialogue Event by Connective Cities.

The theme was carved out in the German city of Cologne in cooperation with ist two municpal companies in charge of sanitation services – AVG, which handles waste management and StEB, which is tasked with wastewater drainage and treatment.

It turned out to be a brilliant idea to exchange about planning and implementing financing models for solid waste and wastewater services in different local context worldwide within the city of Cologne.

The main results of the event are documented in this report. Major aspects of the topic and the local experiences are laid out showcasing examples of good practices in municipalities worldwide, identifying concrete challenges as well as needs and pointing to models, solutions and helpful processes.

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