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Global State of National Urban Policy


UN-Habitat, OECD


Global State of National Urban Policy

"Effective implementation of a national urban policy (NUP) will require a sound monitoring and evaluation mechanism to take stock of what works, what does not work, where good practices exist, and where improvement may be needed. During the Habitat III process, the role of NUPs in supporting the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and other urban-related global agendas was increasingly recognised, and a range of tools and frameworks to assess NUPs have been discussed across international organisations and within national governments in countries.

Global State of National Urban Policy provides a first attempt at assessing NUPs across the globe in 150 countries. It establishes the foundation for understanding how and in what forms NUPs have been developed, implemented and monitored globally. The report also paves the way for the definition of a common methodology to monitor the progress of NUPs at the global level."






UN-Habitat, OECD