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Remarkable Women in Transport

2019 - Female Change-Makers Transforming Mobility


Lena Fischer, Verena Flues, Sophia Sünder, Ketaki Tappu, Luise Tegeler, Armin Wagner, Pia Zieren


TUMI Management, GIZ


Remarkable Women in Transport

Transport systems can only become truly inclusive and gender-responsive if the voices, perspectives and experiences of women are reflected at all levels in the transport sector. Thus, as it is still a largely male-dominated field, it is imperative to focus on increasing the number of women working on transport.

TUMI endeavours to support this transformational change by empowering women experts and stimulate behavioural change in the transport sector and in cities all around the world. As visibility is key to change mind-sets, this first round of TUMI’s Remarkable Women in Transport series introduces more than 60 highly qualified women transport experts, and highlights their contribution to sustainable mobility solutions on the ground – by women, for the entire society.

This publication is meant to showcase the diversity of female change makers in transport.






TUMI Management, GIZ

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