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Mexico City: The role of public transport in tackling air pollution and accessibility

2019 - ICLEI Case Study #212 - March 2019


ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability


Mexico City: The role of public transport in tackling air pollution and accessibility

Over the last two decades, Mexico City has implemented many successful mobility projects to partly relieve its saturated public transport system and diminish air pollution generated by vehicles, while also providing more transportation options for people in peripheral locations or vulnerable situations. 

The City’s decision to diversify its public transport offer and to invest in new mobility options such as BRTs and bike-sharing systems proved successful and allowed to partially relieve the pressure put on the saturated metro system. The government has also learned from its previous errors, such as the Tren Suburbano’s lack of accessibility. This project showed the importance of taking into account user accessibility and the involvement of stakeholders in a transportation project, instead of focusing mainly on feasibility and infrastructure.






ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

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