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Guadalajara: Revisiting Public Space Interventions through the Via RecreActiva

2019 - Case Study for the World Resources Report "Towards a more equal city"


Carolina S. Sarmiento, Saul Alveano, Robin King


World Resources Institute


Guadalajara: Revisiting Public Space Interventions through the Via RecreActiva

"Every Sunday, Guadalajara closes more than 60 kilometers of streets to car traffic, opening them up for public use by pedestrians, cyclists and performers. Since starting the "Via RecreActiva," Guadalajara has more open space for recreation, a new collective image of public space and a revitalized movement for transit equity.

The Via RecreActiva has had a clear “before” and “after” effect on the surrounding community. It marks the consolidation of both political and economic power around the importance of and investment in public space. The momentum created by civil society groups that advocated for the Via RecreActiva shifted demand for basic public infrastructure leading to new political commitments. This has increased transparency, created new roles for public space activists in municipal institutions, and institutionalized participatory processes."






World Resources Institute

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