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Urban Transitions Alliance Roadmaps

2019 - Sustainability Transition Pathways from Industrial Legacy Cities


Marion Guénard, Olga Horn, Hannah Rothschild, Rebecca Wessinghage


ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability e.V


Urban Transitions Alliance Roadmaps

Industrial legacy cities face unique challenges, as they transition towards vibrant, sustainable and equitable urban centers. Cities around the world can learn lessons from where these cities have been, and how they are moving forward. The new report, "Urban Transitions Alliance Roadmaps: Sustainability Transition Pathways from Industrial Legacy Cities" details four transition pathways that eleven post-industrial cities have undertaken, with implementation ideas and best practices for each. These cities are all a part of the Urban Transitions Alliance, which was built on the premise that by connecting industrial legacy cities from the US, Germany, Poland and China through their transition stories and visions of sustainable urban development, common challenges and transition pathways would emerge.

Reflecting the thematic priorities of the Alliance members, the chapters subsequently focus on challenges and solutions in the fields of Infrastructure, Energy, Mobility, and Social Transition. Each topic is explored in terms of background, barriers and opportunities related to the industrial legacy context. Transition priorities and innovative approaches from the different regions are outlined in key pathways and exemplified in case studies from the Alliance cities and districts. Some of the conditions described might apply in various degrees to cities beyond the industrial legacy context - that is why transition experiences and pathways from the Urban Transitions Alliance can be of value to cities around the globe.






ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability e.V