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The Future of Cities

2019 - Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward


Joint Research Centre (JRC)


The Future of Cities

This report identifies challenges influencing the future of cities in Europe and beyond in fields like environmental impact, ageing, health, housing, social segregation, governance and mobility. It also presents several perspectives from which to look at resolving these issues. It is an initiative of the Joint Research Centre (JRC)i, the science and knowledge service of the European Commission (EC), supported by the Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO). The main aim is to raise open questions and steer discussions on what the future of cities can, and should be, both within the scientific and policymaker communities. The report benefits greatly from the collective intelligence put forward by the Members of the EC Community of Practice on Cities and is linked to an interactive online platform, which is s designed to raise open questions and steer discussions for sharing and accumulating knowledge on the future of cities.






Joint Research Centre (JRC)