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Connective Cities Webinar: Composting as a Solid Waste Management Solution

Connective Cities Webinar on SWM held on Wendsday, 25th of April.

The next Webinar will look at Composting as a Solid Waste Management Solution and takes place on Wendsday 25th of April 2018. The webinar will focus on waste composting and consider the challenges of different kinds of composting in Africa. The session will provide the opportunity to share and learn from different parts of the world.


Our presenters will be Mr. Norbert Evermann from AVG Köln, the municipal waste management company of the city of Cologne, Germany.


Solid waste management has become an enormous challenge all over the world, especially in developing countries struggling with growing populations and limited means. Composting can offer a sustainable approach for disposing biological waste, particularly as it allows for producing natural fertilizers, which can be used to raise land productivity, as well as due to its relatively low operational costs. However, improper handling can also cause methane production, odours and build up of heavy metals in the final product.


This webinar will provide insights on composting and discuss the following:

  • types of composting;
  • the effects of composting on the environment;
  • challenges faced;
  • possible and working solutions.

Participation at the Webinar

Technical preparation (one day before): Please make sure you have the updated Java version installed (download and install from www.java.com if you do not have it already) and make a system check. Please find some technical instructions under the following link (PDF, 128 KB).

Contact: tutor.connectivecities(at)gmail.com / eva.prediger(at)giz.de

Topic: Composting as a Solid Waste Management Solution

Presenters: Norbert Evermann (AVG Köln, Cologne/Germany)

Date: Wendsday, 25th April, 2018

Time: 08:30 (UTC, Ghana) which is 10:30 (Germany) and 11:30 (Kenya)

Language: English

Fee: none

Access: Please follow the link for the webinar Composting as a Solid Waste Management Solution (opens 30 minutes before the start of the webinar)