09.11.2020 - 20.12.2020  // Online Training

Innovation for Cohesive Territories

Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery - Online Training, Spanish and English

This training is aimed at sharing, analysing, debating and generating ideas that can be applied by local and regional actors in the generation of local economic development strategies for socio-economic reactivation, in a global context of great uncertainty and with major social, economic and environmental challenges.

Emphasis is placed on shared, networked work, which facilitates international spaces for consultation, the generation and production of knowledge and the exchange of experiences and good practices in socio-economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis, taking into account visions from different territories.

It serves as a framework for the roadmap to the V World Forum on Local Economic Development.


Course brochure  [pdf, 3 p.]


  • Pre-registration deadline until 3 November
  • Student selection: between 3rd and 5th November 2020.
  • Beginning of the course: 9th November 2020.

Pre-registration link:https://bit.ly/35oWAPa


COURSE DIRECTION: Pablo Costamagna
COORDINATION:: UCLG Committee on Local Economic and Social Development
CONTACT: Technical Secretariat of UCLG Committee on Local Economic and Social Development, del.cglu(at)andaluciasolidaria.org

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