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Newsletter - Edition No. 20, May 2018

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During the past few weeks, Connective Cities has concentrated its activities on the delivery of its practitioner exchange and learning formats on the Middle East. Jordan and Lebanon have hosted dialogue events on topics that are eminent for the municipalities, which have received Syrian refugees in numbers sometimes exceeding their own populations and that perform their function as host communities in a quite impressive manner. To match the project proposals already developed during the recent workshops, Connective Cities is inviting German municipalities to commit themselves to jointly implement selected projects in those countries as well as Turkey. The funding for municipal partnerships is provided by BMZ via the “Municipal Know How for Host Communities in the Middle East Programme” of Engagement Global.

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Strengthening Local Economic Development in Lebanon – from Strategy to Action
Practitioners' workshop in cooperation with the “Municipal know-how for host communities in the Middle-East” programme, April 26 – 28, 2018, in Beirut, Lebanon

Ecotourism and job creation for young people in Rachiine, a vocational training center for the local population in El-Qrayeh, the promotion of the agricultural sector and strengthening the local population in Chouf-Souijen are just three out of ten project ideas proposed and worked out by municipal practitioners from Germany and Lebanon.

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Developing Strategies for Resilient and Liveable Urban District Development
Practitioners' workshop in cooperation with the “Municipal know-how for host communities in the Middle-East” programme, 17 – 19 in April, in Amman, Jordan

Connective Cities practitioners' workshop followed the methodological approach of the Urban Nexus and discussed project ideas in urban district development, water and energy efficient solutions and the development of public spaces and green areas - 35 participants from Jordanian and German municipalities used the integrated approach Urban Nexus for the further development of your municipal project ideas.

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The municipal perspective on international exchange on urban development
Networking event for municipal practitioners, April 10th 2018, Cologne, Germany

Which are the conditions and hurdles for participation of cities and municipal companies in international exchange on urban issues? Which instruments and methods work? How can the added value both for the international and the German participants be maximised? During the networking event, urban practitioners shared their vision of how the international exchange of know-how can be further developed.

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The role of the informal and the private sector in local waste management
Expert assignment, 26 – 28 February 2018, Jundiaí, Brasil

How can a growing city create a waste management system that gives an effective role both to the informal sector and private companies to achieve a good public service? Three experts from Hamburg and Kassel (Germany) discussed these questions with representatives of the city of Jundiaí, civil society, companies and university and developed recommendations.

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Good practice: how does it work and where
Heritage conservation in Vigan, the Philippines
The Vigan Conservation Program as a Tool for Development

Vigan, a primary tourism destination in the Philippines, successfully made the conservation of its cultural heritage the main driver of the city’s social, environmental and economic development. As one of the New Seven Wonder Cities, Vigan promotes a culturally aware citizenry and facilitates community and stakeholder engagement on different levels in various forms.

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»Mobile.points« as a municipal lever for the change of traffic
How Bremen is Reclaiming Public Space through Car Sharing

Everyone who travels by car shares the roads. Why not share the vehicles as well? This is what the 'Car Sharing Action Plan for Bremen' has been supporting since 2009. Using public mobility stations (also known as 'mobil.punkte'), car sharing is integrated into intermodal and multimodal mobility networks that include the other modes of transport available.

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Integrated Financial Management for Wastewater Disposal
At Hamburg Wasser cash flows run optimally – thanks to a bespoke IT-based treasury system

It is the oldest public water supply utility in continental Europe: today's water supply and sanitation utility Hamburg Wasser. This long tradition is based on excellent financial management. Today, this is performed using an innovative IT-based treasury system.

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Voice of the Cities
Connective Cities Dialogue Event for Local Government Associations, 9 – 11 July 2018, Cologne, Germany

The event focusses on the question how Local Government Associations can strengthen their role representing municipal interests. Practitioners will have the opportunity to advise each other on the association's work, highlighting aspects such as organizational structures, services for members, decision-making processes and lobbying strategies.

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Finding experts - registering as an expert
The expert database of the Connective Cities web portal facilitates networking of municipal professionals from Germany and other countries worldwide, interested in a global exchange of their expertise. 
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Good Practices
Practical examples from experts for experts
Benefit from our constantly growing collection of successful projects for sustainable urban development, through using it as an inspiration and learning from the experience of practitioners.
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Electric buses are coming

...and they’re going to help fix 4 big urban problems. Excerpt of a Vox article.


German municipalities align their administrations with the Sustainable Development Goals

70 cities have signed a sustainability charter that expresses municipal commitment.


Smart Cities - city traffic for the day after tomorrow

Interim results of a research project on the future of urban transport and an exploratory look into the future: fictional urban concepts in the form of future types - in German onlyn


“There are huge health risks in not dealing with solid waste”

An interview with Graham Alabaster from UN-Habitat. Video published by URBANET


Reinventing Cities

A global competition for innovative carbon-free and resilient urban projects


Seoul and Beijing pledge to improve air quality

Park Won Soon, Mayor of Seoul and Jining Chen, Mayor of Beijing, join efforts to reduce the concentration of fine pollutant particulates in both cities.


How Barcelona’s smart city strategy is giving ‘power to the people’

Barcelona is leading a backlash against technology vendors and big tech to give citizens a right to control their data.


How to get from Planning to Financing Sustainable Urban Mobility Projects?

2018 - Exchange of Experiences: Urban Practitioners‘ Workshop, 18 - 22 October 2017 in Cali, Colombia

Financing Mechanisms for Municipal Sanitation Services

2018 - Ensuring Sustainable Local Service Provision and Infrastructure - Connective Cities Dialogue Event, 18 – 20 September 2017, Cologne, Germany

Accessibility: Zero Project Report 2018

2018 - 68 Innovative Practices, 15 Innovative Policies, and 22 Social Indicators from 105 countries

Leading Change

2018 - Delivering the New Urban Agenda through Urban and Territorial Planning

Cycling Infrastructure in Cities

2018 - Bogotá’s Quinto Centenario Cycle Avenue


22.05.2018 bis 24.05.2018 // Belgium - Brussels

Green Cities for a Greener Future

The high level EU Green Cities Summit within EU Green Week (21-25 May 2018)

22.05.2018 bis 22.05.2018 // Germany - Leipzig

Women Mobilize Women

First Conference to Empower Women in Transport

19.06.2018 bis 22.06.2018 // Canada - Montréal

ICLEI World Congress 2018

The ICLEI World Congress is the premier global gathering of hundreds local and regional governments and their strategic partners steering the course of the global urban agenda.

06.08.2018 bis 10.08.2018 // Germany - Leipzig

International Summer School: Sustainable Mobility Made in Leipzig

Held every two years, the summer school is targeted to young working professionals, researchers and individuals interested in sustainable urban mobility.

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