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Latest Good Practices

Providing access to cycling as a sustainable and affordable form of transport


Mzikhona Mgedle, a local resident in Langa township (Cape Town, South Africa), founded Langa Bicycle Hub in 2020 with a…


Energy efficiency for rural development in the municipality of Keda


Several projects have helped to make the community of Keda in Georgia greener by enabling innovations in infrastructure…


Tianjin Daqiuzhuang Eco-City: green, ecological and low carbon


Daqiuzhuang has traditionally been an important industrial site, especially for the steel industry.

The Sino-German…


Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water Project for Ghana


Ghana’s Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources came up with a Rural Sanitation Model and Strategies (RSMS) to…



Good Practices by Topics

New: Good Practices on Municipal Responses to COVID-19

Good practices on: Crisis Communication, Crisis Management, Supporting the Economy, COVID-19 and Public Transport, COVID-19 and Public Health, etc.

Good Urban Governance

Good Practices on democracy and public participation, urban administration, municipal and regional networks, public budget and municipal finance

Integrated Urban Development

Good Practices on Strategic urban planning, Inclusive cities, cities and climate change, sustainable urban lifestyles, safety in cities

Local Economic Development

Good Practices on fostering innovation, start-up promotion, location development, green urban economy, corporate social responsibility / CSR

Municipal Services Provision

Good Practices on waste management and recycling, energy production and supply, water supply and wastewater disposal, urban mobility and public transport