Good Practices on Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development

Lörrach plans Germany’s first timber-built commercial area


There is more than enough wood available in the town of Lörrach and its proximity to the Black Forest. The idea was born…


Banepa preserves traditional construction methods using bio-based materials


This good practice describes how the town of Banepa is restoring its historic centre and a retirement home using…


KOTOR - centuries young town on the map of the rainbow cities


A UNESCO-protected small town with a rich history and cultural heritage, Kotor is an attractive destination with a lot…


Tree trenches for quality of life in Hagen


The German City of Hagen lies on the edge of the Sauerland low mountain range and has a hilly topography. Four rivers –…


Bairro Maravilha – marvellous neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro


The Bairro Maravilha programme, which translates as 'Wonderful Neighbourhood', has been implemented in more than 90…


Dream City Festival in Tunis


The Dream City Festival is held in the Medina and downtown Tunis bringing together artists from Tunisia, the…