Good Practices on Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development

Energy efficiency for rural development in the municipality of Keda


Several projects have helped to make the community of Keda in Georgia greener by enabling innovations in infrastructure…


Tianjin Daqiuzhuang Eco-City: green, ecological and low carbon


Daqiuzhuang has traditionally been an important industrial site, especially for the steel industry.

The Sino-German…


Tackling drug addiction and drug use through an innovative partnership


Drug addiction or drug use disorder is a major issue facing our cities and in fact, all parts of societies. During South…


"A day in the world" - a virtual project that gives courage


The in-person meetings of the school partnership between Osterode in Germany and Kaolack in Senegal, which were…


Bizerte – pioneering municipal energy efficiency in Tunisia


Bizerte municipality in Tunisia has set an ambitious vision to transition into a smart municipality by 2050.  The…


Towards Climate Neutrality in Lviv


Lviv has the vision to become a climate neutral city. Starting off with the systemic implementation of energy solutions,…