Good Practices on Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development

Urban development for all in Vienna


In the field of gender planning, Vienna is accorded a top position at the European level regarding both the conceptual…


Living alongside water instead of fearing it


Bangkok's first significant piece of green infrastructure, Chulalongkorn Centenary Park (CCP), aims to lessen the risk…


Leave no one behind


As part of its support during COVID-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Mionica established a volunteering center to…


India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX)


To build cities of the future, which provide good quality of life, improved economic robustness, and harmony with…


Social housing for the socially disadvantaged


The capacity of the municipality of Plovdiv to provide adequate housing for the socially vulnerable is insufficient.…


Partnerships for Circularity


Through strategic partnerships, Jerash municipality in Jordan was able to overcome impediments in solid waste management…