Good Practices on Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development

Hebron – Promoting a healthy learning environment in public schools


The “Dr. Hafiz Abd-Nabi” public school was constructed as a green building that is naturally ventilated, heated and…


Stari Grad – how vaccination campaigns can reach groups at risk


As in many other countries, people in Serbia who want to be vaccinated have to book an appointment online and then get…


Hazmieh in Lebanon: A lighthouse in good urban governance


Hazmieh municipality has set a comprehensive and effective strategy for local economic development, in which the public…


Innovative solar energy system in the Navahrudak district hospital


A combined system of thermal panels (SWH) with heat pumps (HP) and photovoltaic panels (PV) was installed on the site of…


Psychosocial support is more important than ever during the pandemic


Corona lockdown can heighten the psychosocial problems many people are facing, for example in their family or…


Amman - strengthening social responsibility


With a prudent vision, the Greater Amman Municipality implemented several hard and soft measures to curb the impact of…