Dialogue Events

...and workshops for practitioners are core elements of exchange between municipal practitioners in the Community of Practice in the thematic field of sustainable urban development. A practice-oriented exchange of experiences on effective solutions and approaches opens up new learning opportunities that are processed by and then fed into the Community of Practice. More

Local project workshops

In the context of supporting local change projects, local project workshops serve the purpose of concretising and strategically revising planning. International practitioners contribute good practices and innovative ideas. 

Virtual expert exchange with focus: "Municipal Response to COVID-19"

In the virtual expert exchange format, colleagues share their experience on specific topics over 1.5 to 2.5 hours in a virtual room. The current focus: learning experiences at the municipal level in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. More

Expert assignments

Connective Cities arranges and organises expert secondments. For this purpose, Connective Cities relies on its pool of experts in order to impart appropriate practical experience and expert knowhow. The municipal experts offer advice at local level and provide targeted support to municipalities in planning and developing their projects.  More

Study tours

A study visit to a series of urban projects can inspire and motivate a municipality with its urban change process by showcasing what has worked in different urban contexts but also which steps along the way should be avoided or should definitely be considered. More


Training on the consolidation of project-specific expert or methodological skills is one of the possible interventions to support the further development of the change projects.  More

Conference participation

Connective Cities participates at international events with Learning Sessions using poster galleries and practitioners corners in order to give an impression about participatory Dialogue Events on facilitating the exchange between urban practitioners. More