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Our network

Connective Cities seeks to establish a network of urban practitioners to foster exchange and learning from practical experiences. The membership will comprise individuals and institutions from the local governments, local government associations, policy makers, private sector, non-state actors and the academia. Connective Cities will:

  1. Provide overall coordination of the network activities
  2. Provide the portal for the dissemination of practice-relevant experience
  3. Identify relevant actors from the region and integrate them in the network
  4. Plan and implement the learning processes as per the themes

Through the network, members will:

  1. Have access to regional and international know-how and to innovations as well as practical experiences on urban transformation processes
  2. Have a channel through which they can seek professional advice on local challenges

Our fokus

Connective Cities in sub-Saharan Africa

Good urban governance, integrated urban development, local economic development and municipal services  are the focal thematic areas for Connective Cities and the framework within which the network members will engage.  The learning processes organized by Connective Cities are informed by themes selected for the region based on need and further refined in consultation with stakeholders. The themes for Sub Saharan Africa for this project phase (2019 -2022) are:

  1. Urban basic services and sector governance
  2. Land management and land use planning

Our activities

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Interested? Would you also like to contribute your expertise? For further information, please contact Sophia Kamau, Connective Cities regional network coordinator for sub-Saharan Africa: sophia.kamau(at)


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International exchange of experiences: lessons learned in the Covid-19 crisis

International exchange of experiences: lessons learned in the Covid-19 crisis


Connective Cities global exchange series on ”Municipal Response to COVID-19”

The role of innovation in curbing the impacts of the pandemic

The role of innovation in curbing the impacts of the pandemic


Review of the virtual expert exchange for the MENA region on October 14, 2020


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World Cities Summit 2020

World Cities Summit 2020

20.06.2021 - 24.06.2021

Liveable and sustainable cities: adapting to a disrupting world.


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30/11/2020 to 17/12/2020
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Sustainable and resilient, regional and intermunicipal land management

18/11/2020 to 20/11/2020
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