Good Practices on Municipal Services

Municipal Services

Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water Project for Ghana


Ghana’s Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources came up with a Rural Sanitation Model and Strategies (RSMS) to…


Kruševac’s Vision - “A city accessible to all"


The Vision of Kruševac’s SUMP is that the urban environment and traffic should contribute to the city’s development. The…


Communicating clearly on multiple channels


How can municipalities reach out to their residents to inform them about their COVID-19 strategy?

The key to the City…


Bremen: Good crisis management pays off in times of COVID-19


For years now, the Bremen-based wastewater utility company hanseWasser has been investing in efficient crisis and…


Waste to positive energy in Mafraq governorate in Jordan


The establishment of the composting plant to produce organic fertilizers was part of the plan for solid waste management…


Closed pilot cycle of plastic recycling in Rustavi


Rustavi is the fourth largest city in Georgia and one of the most important industrial centers. In this city, with…