Network in Middle East and North Africa

Our network

Connective Cities supports municipal actors and urban practitioners in developing locally adapted solutions for sustainable urban development by:

  • promoting exchange of experience between municipal actors and urban practitioners
  • supporting cooperation between German and international cities
  • initiating joint projects
  • disseminating proven solutions and concepts

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) network help cities replicate, improve and disseminate good practices within the four thematic focus areas. Exchange takes places within thematic clusters and in several formats including:

  • Virtual exchange opportunities
  • Physical networking events

Within the network, Connective Cities supports the documentation and dissemination of good practices, especially those that include climate and gender-sensitive solutions.

Our focus

Two learning processes are planned in MENA, which will be carried out during the third phase of the project (2019 - 2022):

  1. Local economic development and job creation
  2. Energy efficiency

The MENA network is effective and inclusive:

  • As a result, urban practitioners from the region consult with each other and learn from each other about the successes and challenges in implementing locally adapted urban solutions.
  • The network's interaction and communication provides a platform for cities to present their urban solutions and inspire their peers.
  • It also helps cities and urban practitioners to work with technical experts and facilitates direct collaboration between network members.

Our activities

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Action for Cool Cities: Pathways for carbon reduction in buildings and improvement of outdoor thermal comfort

Action for Cool Cities: Pathways for carbon reduction in buildings and improvement of outdoor thermal comfort


Call for participation: virtual kick-off Event - Connective Cities Learning Process from 30 November…

"Zero-waste city: an elusive goal for municipalities?"

"Zero-waste city: an elusive goal for municipalities?"


Review of the Insight Session on 4 October 2022


Urban Gardening Guidebook


Connective Cities

Cities Challenge: 2030 Agenda meets Urban Climate Action

2021 - How small-scale projects at local level can contribute to big-scale goals at global level

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Municipal energy efficiency projects in MENA

2021 - Detailed documentation of Connective Cities' virtual dialogue event, 18- 21 May 2021

Connective Cities


Municipal Energy Efficiency Projects Workshop in MENA

14/09/2021 to 15/09/2021
virtual event

The international community of practice for sustainable urban development, Connective Cities in the MENA region,…


Promoting Energy Efficiency through innovative city-led projects

18/05/2021 to 20/05/2021
virtual event

Within the ambit of the learning process on municipal energy efficiency projects in MENA, the virtual dialogue event was…


Good practices

Partnerships for Circularity


Through strategic partnerships, Jerash municipality in Jordan was able to overcome impediments in solid waste management…


Municipal Business Incubators in Madaba


In an effort to drive sustainable recovery from the impacts of the pandemic, Madaba municipality in Jordan has succeeded…