15.06.2021  // 11:30 - 13:50 Uhr CEST // Virtuelle Veranstaltung

Launch of the Connective Cities Network in the MENA region

Good practices, goals, action planning and presentation of the roadmap

Over the past 21 months, Connective Cities has established a vibrant core network in the MENA region. To showcase the accomplishments and pave the way for the growth of the network, the launch event will be held on June 15th 2021 and will bring together a diverse range of stakeholders including representatives of municipalities in MENA, regional city associations and development agencies.

The objectives of the Connective Cities Launch Event for the regional network in MENA include:

  • Showcasing accomplishments and activities of the network including partnerships between municipalities
  • Discussing good practice examples and project proposal in MENA that are supported by Connective Cities
  • Present the roadmap of the network activities till the end of the year
  • Developing the network’s Charter, membership, objectives and action plan
  • Announce Connective Cities Loyalty Award to committed members
  • Pave the way for cooperation agreement with regional urban development actors and city associations

Date: 15 June 2021

Time: 11:30 - 13:50 CEST

Languages:  Arabic and English

Further information:

Agenda [pdf, 190 kb]


Muna Shalan

Regional Network Coordinator of Connective Cities



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