Good Practices on Good Urban Governance

Good Urban Governance

Mangrove Forest as a line of defense in Quelimane City, Mozambique


The City of Quelimane is vulnerable to natural and anthropogenic disasters. As a response measure to events such as…


Leave no one behind


As part of its support during COVID-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Mionica established a volunteering center to…


India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX)


To build cities of the future, which provide good quality of life, improved economic robustness, and harmony with…


Creating inclusive public spaces for women


Public spaces can bring together communities and facilitate cultural expression and diversity, so it is important to…


Digitalisation for efficient integrated risk management


Gütersloh is a city in North-Western Germany with a population of more than 100,000 people. It was essential for the…


Wildflower meadows, sports, music festivals, health


Through a crowdfunding platform, the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton in the UK is involving the whole of society,…