Learning Processes

We promote sharing of experience among cities and practitioners worldwide, support cooperation between German and international cities, initiate joint projects and disseminate proven solutions and concepts. New learning experience and practice-oriented results are acquired and processed in seminars, workshops, Dialogue Events as well as excursions and fed back into the International Community of Practice – these are the core elements of our approach.

The International Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Development maintains excellent contacts to key actors of cities and municipalities worldwide. Furthermore, the development of Connective Cities comprises the establishment of contact to German cities and to relevant business and science institutions as well as to projects in German international cooperation throughout the world’s regions. In the context of these processes, thematic clusters are developed and specific fields of action are identified that are suitable for learning from one another and for jointly planning future projects.

Further partners in implementation include selected regional and national municipal associations in Africa, America, Europe and Asia as well as their member cities.


Connecting urban practitioners worldwide and mobilising practice-driven know-how in Germany and in regional networks.


Promoting peer-to-peer exchanges and consultations

...through structured and highly participatory learning processes that allow actors to share their municipal expertise, address similar challenges and work together to develop new project idea

Sharing good practices

...and disseminating practice-oriented solutions

Facilitating activities and advising

...municipalities during the process of project design and planning needs until they are ready for implementation.


Good Practices

Lörrach plans Germany’s first timber-built commercial area


There is more than enough wood available in the town of Lörrach and its proximity to the Black Forest. The idea was born…


Supported projects

A sustainable land use plan for undeveloped land

Amman Jordanien

At a dialogue event on intermunicipal land management at the end of 2020, the idea had arisen to support Greater Amman…