Local project workshops

Strategic Redesign of Change Projects

Connective Cities promotes the further development, planning and preparation of selected project ideas in the context of supporting urban change projects. In addition to seconding experts, local trainings and virtual learning processes, project workshops are run locally.

The aim of the local project workshops is the concretisation and strategic revision of the planning of local change projects. In order to strengthen the self-responsibility and implementing capacities of local actors, the workshops are held in the municipalities in which the projects are sited.

The following elements are part of the workshop process:

  1. analysis and communitisation of the context and the framework conditions,
  2. presentation and reflexion of good practices from other international cities in specific thematic fields that are relevant to the local project
  3. common action planning and reflexion together with a revision of strategic approaches and concrete planning of measures.

A broad participation of the actors working in the project and coming from the various municipal administration authorities and perhaps also from civil society and the local private sector strengthens the use of the workshop results and boosts progress in the processes of the change project. By involving international practitioners and their good examples and experiences, local strategies and approaches can be reflected from a fresh angle and new innovative ideas can be adopted in the urban change projects.

From Practice

Community-based Solid Waste Management in Nairobi
Local project workshop, 25. - 27. January 2017, Nairobi, Kenya