Study tours

Learning about ideas for new projects

Connective Cities organises study tours in order to consolidate expert knowledge and knowhow with the aid of German practice examples and to further develop and concretise project ideas.

With its dialogue formats, Connective Cities supports the development of project ideas. In addition to seconding experts, local further training and local project workshops, study tours offer an opportunity to further elaborate these ideas and plan concrete projects up to implementation level. In the context of the 3-5-day study tours, the participants visit a range of innovative projects that are relevant to local practice. The delegates learn in a very concrete and practical way how these projects work. The experts working in the projects share their first-hand experiences; in this manner, the participants get to know what the challenges are that need to be coped with, which aspects need to be considered in project planning and implementation and which steps lead to success or to failure.

This practical experience can then serve the concretisation of the participants’ own project ideas in the context of a joint workshop for the experts in the projects visited and the visiting delegation. The aim is to further elaborate the project ideas and transform them into implementable project concepts.