From project ideas to change processes

Focusing on implementation of urban projects


With its offers Connective Cities aims to promote the international exchange of experience among urban practitioners, the joint learning, the collegial advice, the development of joint projects. In the future Connective Cities would like to support even more the development of urban projects and the implementation of the projects. The objective is, starting from the project ideas developed during the dialogue event, to contribute to real processes of change at city level.

The project ideas need to be validated by the local actors of the target city and be adapted to the local situation. In this context the representatives of the “project city” have a key function. Only these persons and other actors of the city may follow-up the project idea. The project implementation and acquisition of further financial support are the responsibility of the correspondent cities` actors. The group members of the international project group have a supporting role and, according to their professional background, might be collegial advisors. Possibly other Good Practices out of the region and from Germany might be interesting. Connective Cities can support the steps of the process by virtual meetings, webinars with further inputs of Good Practices, local workshops, and/or a secondment of experts. The support of Connective Cities is, therefore mainly, to provide municipal experience and to accompany the process.

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